At TMB we offer four different levels of dance progression & programs. Our dancers begin their journey with us in our Children’s Classes (Ages 2.5-7.5) and from there progress into one of three other programming tracks (Ages 8-18): Our recreational level, our company level, and/or our competition team. You can find more information about the recreational program here, and about our competitive team here.

Our Company Program is designed for dancers that would like to make dance a primary focus. Company dancers take multiple classes during the week, split between technique and rehearsal time. They are required to take both ballet and jazz as part of the company program, and at the lower levels, at least one other dance genre (tap, hip hop, modern, etc) and at the higher levels, at least two other genres are required.

Company Dancers participating in the Empire Dance Convention!

Our company dancers are held to high standards of attendance, discipline, commitment, and performance. Some of the benefits of the company program include:

  • Additional Performance Opportunities & Community Outreach (Holiday Performances)
  • Participate in the Opening/Closing Numbers at our Year End Performance
  • Accelerated dance progression due to additional technique time
  • Learning in an environment with like minded & focused students
  • Enhanced development of a “team” mentality within each company level
  • Well rounded dance training designed to encourage dancers that are marketable and versatile.

Dancers interested in our company program are evaluated by our staff to determine placement. Tuition pricing is the same as our recreational program, and is based on the total hours of dance taken per week, with a few minimal additional fees. Dancers and Families interested in the company program are encouraged to attend an orientation meeting in late August for additional information, or to set up an appointment with our studio director.