Classes, Tuition & Policies

We offer both Dance and Tumbling classes. Scroll down for our class offerings and information:

  • Creative Movement (CM) Ages 2.5 -4 – A thirty minute class incorporating beginner fundamentals of ballet and dance to fun, energetic music. A non-stop moving and structured class to keep your child entertained and excited to learn.
  • Pre-Ballet and Tap (PBT) Ages 3.5 -5 – A 45 minute class consisting of beginner ballet and tap. Your child will learn the first fundamentals of ballet and tap technique in a fun and structured class, along with doing fun song and dance routines. All movements are incorporated to keep your child motivated to learn.
  • Hip-Hop Bop (HHB) Ages 5-6 – A 45 minute class introducing jazz and hip-hop style. An exciting, and very energetic class to build coordination and rhythm at a young age.
  • Ballet, Tap, Jazz (BTJ) Ages 6-8 – An hour class consisting of the three most popular dance styles. A technique class building dance education in all fundamentals and giving your child a little bit of everything!
  • Ballet – Is the most fundamental style of dance. It is essential for the dancer who wants to progress. Incorporating classical movements and technique to improve strength, flexibility, and placement, while building grace and fluidity. When the dancer is eligible due to age and strength, the student may progress to pointe.
  • Pointe – For the advanced ballet dancer, ballet technique which is danced on toe shoes. This class is available only with teacher recommendation and approval.
  • Tap – A rhythmic class where dancers make sounds with their feet. This is a great class to develop coordination, musicality, and rhythm. The class will consist of center technique, traveling steps, and rhythmic patterns.
  • Jazz – A popular and fun form of stylized dance, ranging from musical theater to funk. A technique class filled with leaps, turns, stretching, and fun.
  • Hip-Hop – A popular style of dance fusing many styles to rhythm, movement, and unique choreography. A high energy class consisting of isolations, footwork, and funk!
  • Musical Theater – Dance genre that incorporates jazz, ballet, and sometimes tap technique to tell a specific story. In most cases this is plot based, and often comes from Broadway material. Movement is used to supplement acting. *Students must be concurrently taking a jazz or ballet technique class*
  • Modern – A form of contemporary, theatrical, and concert dance incorporating special techniques for developing the use of the entire body. Fundamentals of breathe, suspension and fall, and lots of floor work. Definitely a class to take for thinking outside the box! *Students must be concurrently enrolled in a ballet class, and be approved by instructor*


  • **Tumbling classes are strictly skill based classes, these classes do not perform in our yearly recital**
  • Tiny Tumblers: In this class designed for the 4-6 year old we will work exclusively on introducing strength, flexibility, and the basics of mat work. Splits, Planks, Bridges, Forward rolls, are some of the components we will introduce.
  • Intro to Tumbling: Class will focus on basics such as flexibility, muscle control, and toe pointing. Students will practice tuck jumps, straddle jumps, candlesticks, forward and backward rolls, bridges, and we will start on the basics for handstands and cartwheels.
  • Tumbling 1: A large focus will be on flexibility and strength, which are essential for all tumbling. That means backbends, backbends, and more backbends! Class will also be working on forward and backward rolls, tuck jumps, straddle jumps, cartwheels, headstands, handstands, bridges, back walkovers, possibly roundoffs for those who are ready. And more bridges for homework!
  • Tumbling 2 : We will continue to work on refining basic elements as well as learning more advanced ones. Skills worked on in this class are: front and back walkovers, handstand to bridge, handstand forward roll, power hurdling, dive cartwheels, roundoffs. Possibly front and back handsprings, aerials, and back tucks for those who are ready. **PLEASE NOTE: This class will be geared more toward individual goals. Not all students in this class will work on everything listed here, only what they are physically ready to handle, at the instructor’s judgment.**
  • Placement in Tumbling Classes is the sole discretion of our tumbling instructor. Students will be moved up or down based on strengths and weaknesses.