At The Movement Box (“TMB”) all our classes are broken into different levels to ensure that each dancer/family finds the best class to fit their lifestyle, interests, and commitment level.

Children’s Classes: Our children’s classes are designed for the young dancer. They include our creative movement, hip hop bop, preballet and tap, and ballet tap jazz combo classes. These classes teach the young dancer the basic fundamentals of dance genres and give them the skills to progress in dance. In addition to their dance training, they learn how to take class, build social skills, and learn appropriate class behavior.

Level Classes: Our level classes are designed for students who enjoy dancing on a recreational level. They usually prefer to dance one day a week, leaving time to pursue other activities. Our level classes receive the same training as more advanced classes but instruction is at a slower pace. Level classes include our ballet, tap, tumbling, and jazz classes and are designated by a number, i.e. Ballet 1. Please note a student may remain in the same number level for multiple years.

Company Classes: Our company classes are designed for the serious dance student. Company dancers take multiple classes during the week and are held to high standards of attendance, discipline, commitment, and performance. Our company dancers have extra performance opportunities around the holiday season and over the summer. Company dancers are required to take ballet and must participate in summer dance sessions/intensives. Company classes are listed on the schedule as “Co.” i.e. Mini Co.

Competition Classes: The TMB Competition team is for our most committed dancers. Competition groups are formed following an audition in early October. Groups are formed by placing together students that we feel show outstanding dance potential and that will complement each other nicely. Competition dancers are all company members and in addition to their company classes have separate competition rehearsals. Dance expectations at this level are very high and these students put a lot of hard work and intensity into their dancing to reach their full potential.

Adult Classes: Our adult classes are designed to be a fun, relaxing way for the adult dancer to start dancing, or get back into dancing. We try to balance creating challenging classes with the understanding that adult dancers have different needs and goals. We have a terrific time while also learning a lot! Our adult classes are designated as such on the schedule.

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