Fitness Classes

We are so very excited to partner with Carolyn Scialdone to offer our fitness classes. Carolyn will be teaching various fitness classes on a rotating cycle. You can read all about Carolyn and what she offers as a tremendous fitness coach on her website

Country Heat LIVE: Tuesdays 6:15-7:15 PM

Country Heat LIVE is a high energy, low impact, country dance inspired workout that’s so much fun you’ll barely notice you’re getting a total body workout as you work up a sweat. You’ll have a blast stepping in tune to the hottest country hits and quickly forget you’re torching a ton of calories. Very easy to follow and can be modified up or down for all fitness levels.



$28 Monthly Fee

5 Class Pack for $45

10 Class Pack for $80

$10 Single Class Drop In

*Registration Fee is waived for all fitness enrollments!*

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