Kayla Jones

Kayla grew up dancing in Rochester, NY and has been dancing for almost 20 years. Her dance journey began at age 3 dancing at the local community center. Kayla then began competing with the Fitzsimmons Dance Factory at age 7 and continued her dance education at Articul8 through the better part of middle and high school. Kayla has trained and competed in styles such as Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pointe, Lyrical, and more. Kayla has attended numerous regional competitions and conventions in and out of New York State as well as at the national level. 

Beginning in high school Kayla became a class assistant working with recreational and competitive students. At age 16, Kayla went on to teach various level classes and private lessons in multiple styles and continued until graduation. 

Kayla currently attends Syracuse University pursuing an M.S. in Information Systems and continues to advance her personal dance education through taking dance classes offered at SU and other online classes and resources. She also has continued her education as a dance teacher by completing the mUvmethod Level 1 Teacher Certification Stretch & Conditioning Training Program, as well as the Level 1 iTap Teacher Certification Program.